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Monday, October 3, 2011



(shirt - dads closet // leggings - Forever 21 // bag & shoes - vintage // hat - Target)

So! I've been absent again. I really feel bad when I don't come by here and at least read and respond to comments. I've been a tiny bit ill, and my dog as well.. we're dealing with
"interdigital furuncles" which is fancy talk for 'cysts' between puppies toes!
glamorous! >.<

I've decided to try an at-home appoach before going to the vet. Up to 8 weeks of antibiotics can get expensive plus that's a lot of medication.. Here's what we are doing instead:


So, you can see in the second photo a bit of the problem I am battling here.
That is all of what I am using to treat it, except I changed to a stickier masking tape.
Basically, it's epsom salt soak in warm water for ten minutes which she is okay with as long as you give the ocassional head scratch! followed by an ointment
and bandages of gauze. I have only done it twice and already seen a big improvement
in both the "cysts" and in her mood altogether, more playful! (except for the little
foot wraps.. she could be happier about that, I think haha)


Anyway, I have still been working on getting things into my shop.
I'll be putting those shoes and the bag in there tomorrow, I think.
They really are lovely, I just have so many things..
BUT! I love sharing my finds, so it's okay.

I hope everyone is well. How is the weather where you are? It's getting crisply autumnal here in the south but who knows if it'll last.. I'll keep the summer clothing out for now, as usual~

<3 amber


  1. Yay, nice to see you again! I hope your puppy gets better. She looks happy to be in the bath at least. I loveeee your outfit as well!

  2. I hope you both feel better soon!!

    I LOVED beetle juice back in the day (and the adams family too) I really like this look & the inspiration behind it <3

  3. Ohh poor little baby :( youre a good mama! I just stumbled across your blog & love it! xox

  4. aww your poor puppy!! She is so adorable, I feel so bad for both of you. I hope she heels up alright.
    You look fabulous, that top is rad!

  5. Thank you all for your wishing my pup gets better, it's an ongoing battle but, we're seeing improvements still :) You are all so lovely <33

  6. truly amazing!! Love your beetle juice shirt and your 80's bag <3<3<3 Your dog is sooooooo cute!!!!