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Friday, September 23, 2011


Okay, I'm having to start actually naming all of my blog posts; 
the numbers are getting away from me rather quickly >.<
These are my pictures from a day at the market and an outfit post that I said would be here over a week ago. Oh, where have I been? Busy busy setting up my etsy shop to share some of my vintage goods. I haven't a fancy banner or button just yet, but do have a few listings;
you can visit me over at


I am debating whether or not I can part with this darling dress.. 
It's a sheer off-white eyelet dress with a lace trimmed slip attached underneath; vintage girls dress, ultra soft cotton and in perfect conditon. The wedges and hat both are from Forever21 and the bag is thrifted vintage. 

From the market!

I got to pet this one ^.^

dreaming so sweetly ^.^

 pretty birds ^.^

cute owl fan at Japanese stand

fresh & local fruits and vegetables

kawaii mini umbrellas & hair ribbons ^.^

I hope everyone has been well; I have been a little ill but I will try to be more present.
<3 amber


  1. That dress is THE perfect summer dress, it's adorable & I love it with the hat <3
    Loving the market shots too, that wee piggy is super cute.
    You probably hear this all the time but you're a beautiful girl.

  2. What a pretty dress! It looks so summery where you are. And HOW cute is that piglet??

  3. Perfect dress, perfect girl! Hehe! Oh, and lovely shop. Keep up the good work.<3

  4. so adorable!!! loved ur dress, and ur tattoos! they seem to pop out from the pictures!!! love the colors!

    and that pig is the most cute thing!!! <3

  5. love the dress and hat.! perfect for summer. :) love to see all the extra photos from the day too.

    thanks for the kind words, input, and following me. Much appreciated. :)The only jewelry I make is some headdress necklaces. Which you can see on the site. Hopefully I will get some more stuff done soon. :)

  6. You guys make me blush ^_^

    and Matthew you are very welcome, I am going now to scope out that jewelry. xx

    P.S. Yes, that piglet is so cute! Only $100 and it stays little >.<