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Saturday, October 15, 2011


(shirt-Liz Clairborne //pants,necklace-F21// bag,shoes-thrifted)

This is what I wore to the flea market last weeekend, it has warmed back up a lot here
Mid 80's, eww! Does anyone LIKE such a hot weather? I know I don't. Comne onnn, fall.
The only thing I purchased was a little gold bee for my wall. It was a good day though..
I was waiting & waiting to cross the road and a guy waited and waited, too, and then he goes
"go on!  but only because you're wearing that hat" haha.. then some girl points me up and down
and goes"I think you look so cute".. Where I live people usually just stare and make me feel odd
so it's really nice to get a compliment. Well, it's really always a nice thing to get a compliment!

I took a few pictures while I was out, too. Do you want to see them? Sure you do ;)


I take photos of things that catch my eye or have a nostalgic feel. I do wish I had a better camera!
I am currently using a DSC-W55, which is fancy talk for "Sony Cyber-shot digital camera".
I've had it for years.. I just don't have the money for an awesome one right now, eep!
Anyway.. I almost left my little gold bee when I went to photograph a real bee and nature haha
Aren't the little antique vintage pouches.. magical? Yes, that's the word, I think.
I wish I had asked the vendor more about them.. I think I was trying to keep from falling in love haha
As for the girl, I can't imagine that ever being anything other than sort of creepehhh, you?
But I like her. She seems not to let no arms get her down, and I like that.

THANK YOU to everyone who answered my font inquiry.
Cosmia of Inflammatory Knit has led me to my solution. font -> arial.
She is a super sweet (and helpful!) lady with an adorable blog, don't hesitate to check her out and say hello!

**update: my font is proving impossible to maintain! I apologize!**

So I am sure you've answered it several times already but now I'm asking you!:
What screams "it's fall!" to you? What's your favorite thing about fall?
Do you have any traditions, or will you be starting any this year?

xo Amber


  1. Love the outfit! You DO look cute :D
    And I can't believe it's still so sunny where you are!!!

  2. Thank you! ^__^ I checked yours earlier and was waiting to comment until I got on my mac, same reason why your name in my post isn't a link yet! It has been in the mid-eighties I meant to add! Also.. it seems that my font has returned to being tiny or large no matter what. It appears fine in the edit window but as soon as I hit preview or publish.. microscopic. I am so confused on this >.<

  3. ohhhh lovely shoes.
    and to answer your question- I used to use to make gifs but now I use a program called GIFfun which is a free program you can download.

  4. Great shots as always <3

    Are you still going to do your vlog...? I'd love it if you would, I bet you have the most adorable accent xox

  5. Hey! I think you posted a comment on every post on my blog! You're too cute! :D

    If you want to add columns to your blog, you need to go into Template > Customize (there's a link under the picture called "Live on Blog" and then >Layout. You can choose different layouts with one or two or three columns and the Adjust Width for each. Let me know if you can't find it, it's kind of well hidden! Also once you do that I can show you how to put badges into your left and right columns like the Operation Nice one, if you're not sure :)

    So far I've designed everything on my blog but I'm thinking of getting some professional help because there's some things I just can't figure out! Like how to add custom links under my header! But I will persevere for now!

    Yes I am 28, no one ever believes it! I don't feel 28, I wish I was still 21. I get mistaken for a teenager all the time though!

    And I would LOVE to see your vlog! One day I will be brave enough to make one!!!

  6. Yes, 8-hole cherry. I love my martens <3. This boots are amazing and very hardy. Your tatoos are beautiful. I'm fan of your style! *__*

  7. ^^ this is just one example of Cosmia's awesomeness, people! haha

    You are all so lovely. For reals. <3

  8. Amazing photos! I love that outfit, you're lookin fiiiiine gurrrrrrl. Also do a vlog. That is all.

  9. Great Photos & love your outfit... you're pretty :))) x

  10. Amazing look girl..
    We are dying for that owl necklace, gorgeous.

    By the way, you are So cu-te.

  11. I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT!! monochrome is my fave combo and those shoes, they look like bottega!

  12. love macro photo!!!
    well, in the article, my artwork is the first earring, and all drawings! :) thx for your comment <3

  13. You are so effing pretty :) Love your ink xox

  14. I think you're super pretty too! And your clothes look amazing because all the textures seem to love one another.

  15. Simple but very cute style :)
    your tattoo is great on you!

    Xxx Cécile