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Saturday, July 30, 2011


(hat-forever21//shirt-express//vest-banana republic//shorts-forever21//all other items thrifted vintage)

I admit.. I used to think denim on denim looked a bit silly.
but here lately it's grown on me, and somehow two denims
are more exciting than one. I would probably stick to two items 
and make sure they are a nice contrast of shades; 
moral of the story?
denim overload or matchy-matchy denim = Denim Dan.


What's your take on the double denim trend?
Is it a no go, the more the merrier, or ground on which to tread lightly?
comments always welcome :)

<3 amber

Thursday, July 28, 2011


This is my first outfit post. 
It's likely you'll find me in primary colors more than not (especially reds and blues)
While I like experimenting with my style, I am much into classics!
It's always easy to add something a little more eye-catching from there if you wish..

(shirt-french connection//skirt-express//bag-carryland//shoes-mossimo@target//ring-forever21)

<3 amber

Monday, July 25, 2011


I've had this for blog far too long doing absolutely nothing. It's time for a post!
I post on chictopia under the name 'girlpanic'. 
If you are unfamiliar with chictopia, it's a site for browsing and sharing styles via photos and
also see what's inspiring other fashion forward ladies (and gentlemen, too.)
You can even browse people by your similar body type (it asks your own when you sign up.)
It sounds cheese, but it's really an inspiring site as far as fashion goes. It's easy to be yourself, experiment with different looks, and get feedback (unlike some similar sites that seem to be stuck in a bit if a rut and also focus a bit more on photography than the style itself.)
I am here, and there, to share my own style and whatever else that is bringing sparkle to my eyes..

Follow me here for ensemble posts.

<3 amber