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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hello again. Everything I am wearing here was thrifted except for the Kenzie tights I found for cheap at an outlet store. I didn't really know I was going to a party when I got dressed but it ended up well enough, I suppose. That shirt is amazingly soft and glitzy, zero  scratchiness. Spring is excellent for shorts and tights with no risk of freezing, at least here. The weather is finally staying warm I think, even though I have a few posts with winter wear I will still go through with. I am almost at the end of the world is how I think of it.. I live in Alabama about an hour away from the ocean. 

Pretty much none of the people here seem to give a what about their appearance, or they just conform to that highstreet college party girl thing which just looks cheap to me. I can't say I have never seen anyone doing anything that made me turn my head and be all 'love', but it's rare. I guess it has something to do with being so far away from hipper, cooler cities; everything gets here later.. styles, music, even products ranging from cosmetics to food. It's pathetic. I love it here, the people are friendly, it has it's small town charm.. but I sometimes feel that the rest of the world thinks southerners are too retarded to know they're missing anything. Which, to be honest, a lot of them probably are. I'm not saying I live in the worst city in the world, there just isn't a lot of inspiration wandering about. Anyway, I hope everyone is grand.

I don't know if I ever even mentioned getting a new awesome camera for christmas, but I did. My dear sweet boyfriend, Tyler, bought me a few accessories for it and they got here yesterday. I'm excited not to have to rely on my self timer and shotty photos all the time. Well, I can at least say Tyler does well behind the camera, which I've always been so jealous to read about other girls and their boys involvement in this hobby. It's really sweet and nice to have support on something that probably seems so silly to him haha..

These are just a few random pictures of recent to change it up from my stupid face all of the time

Oh, yes! I almost forgot. I got both my philtrum and my nostril pierced :D
Truth be told, I got the nostril first on a whim because my piercer was out of jewelry for the other and I was already in the mindset to be stabbed in the face. When I got my philtrum, I was at the shop with the boyfriend while he was getting tattooed and the piercer, who was off that day, happened to drop by and pierced it for me. Finally! I don't know anyone with it around here so that makes me even happier with it. What do you think? I want to put a hoop in my nostril once it heals, instead of the rhinestone stud. 


I made a tumblr with my blog name which is what I linked over to the right but I am going to change that since I have not done a single post on it. My personal tumblr isn't very exciting at the moment either if I am being truthful. I'm going to start making more time for myself to get things I want to get done, done. DUNDUNDUN! No, I am kidding. Nothing dramatically bad is coming. :)

The artist of the track I have fiiiinally changed (sorry, guys) is Chelsea Wolfe.
She's got a cool spooky look and sound.. witchy.
What are you listening to right now?

xo amber