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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


(all items vintage/thrifted/gifted)

I think only one, mmmaybe two, of my posts don't showcase the color red. I am never aware of my love for it really, but it is very apparent in my closet. I'm a fan of classic shapes, prints,  ect. so this dress and its adornments make me pretty happy. I love rediscovering items that I've owned for years and forgotten about and putting them to new use, like the bag I am carrying above. I remember placing the seemingly odd vintage bag I received years ago as a gift  from my aunt into a closet after thinking  
'What am I to do with this?'
 and there it sat, and sat, and sat.. Until now! I'm glad I kept it.
It's such an adorable classic bag with it's gold button details and boxy shape.
I plan to use it plenty this winter with dresses, tights, and classy coats.
yay for lost (and found) treasures!

<3 amber

Friday, August 19, 2011

BIKE LOVE - an introduction

I love riding my bike. I don't do it enough, really. 
While I am no maniac for Hello Kitty or the color pink, I do own the Hello Kitty Retro Beach Cruiser from Nirve and am so pleased with that purchase.  At around $400, it's affordable enough for such a bicycle while still including some really cute and fun details you'd probably expect for shelling out so much on a new toy :) Very pretty pearlescent pink paint, HK bell, quilted white leather seat with pink HK face & stitching, even the tires will have you treading kitten faces wherever you go with their adorable print! (see photos below)
I've had mine for about two years and this was sold out on the site, along with a few others, but you may be able to shop around and find one. (try

Here's a few photos of the one I own, I'll post some personal ones soon.

I am proper inspired to go ride on ride now!

<3 amber


(all items thrifted/vintage except for gray top - target // necklace - F21)

These photos were taken at an old run down building that's surrounded by woods
 across from the street where I live.(which makes it feel like mine all mine, of course!) 
I'm not sure what it used to be but I plan on finding out.
As it stands, it's just concrete steps, walls, and foundation with separate little rooms filled all the way up through the used-to-be ceiling and roof with all sorts of plant life. The sun shines through and it's a lovely sight. It makes me want to play hide & seek and tell secrets.
Oh, summer.

<3 amber

Wednesday, August 17, 2011



(romper, necklace, belt & bag - thrifted vintage// shoes - target// fashion rings - F21)

<3 amber

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Oh, my!
I have been posting away at chictopia/lookbook/tumblr and neglecting my blog;
shame on me. 
I will now attempt to make up for it by shoving two looks into one post here
 if that's alright with you lovely people. and I'm sure it is, because you're so lovely.

(dress-lola//bag-thrifted//shoes-dillard's//necklace & headband-F21)

I've had this dress for a long time but this is the first time I've worn it. 
It's a precious cotton dress with dainty details and print, I'm just not a huge fan of the color
pink. Ironically, I usually feel the opposite of feminine in it. The bright pastel aquamint hue of
the slingbacks lend a pop of color against the pale pink & neutral tan bag though and
made this sweet frock very wearble on the sticky hot summer days Alabama is all about.

On to the next one..

(all items thrifted/gifted/ebay)

<3 amber

Friday, August 12, 2011


I found this romper and another like it in a bright tourist-y print and could not resist..
always love for supersoft cotton and I think they're adorably cut with the cinched waist
and puff sleeves. I thrifted the shoes probably a year ago and never put them into action..
until now; they're really fun and comfortable, moon shoes, I say! ^_^

PS I've always hoped it goes without saying - Click images to enlarge.

<3 amber

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Eek! To all five of my followers, I've been a terrible blogger, I know haha..
I've merely started this thing a few months ago, ideas and all, and I've got backlog like you would not believe; it'll be winter and irrelevant before I get it all posted.. though, I'll tell you right now, Alabama sometimes doesn't know what winter is until mid-December, if then. I'll likely be incorporating a bit of warmer wear far past what's "acceptable"/ I'm all about breaking the rules, though ;)

Anyway, this post made it to chictopia & lookbook but I forgot to add it here for more details

(all items vintage except for necklace-Urban Outfitters)
<3 amber

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I do adore these vintage boots scored from a thrift outing not too long ago.
Boots, boots, boots. <3