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Friday, September 23, 2011


Okay, I'm having to start actually naming all of my blog posts; 
the numbers are getting away from me rather quickly >.<
These are my pictures from a day at the market and an outfit post that I said would be here over a week ago. Oh, where have I been? Busy busy setting up my etsy shop to share some of my vintage goods. I haven't a fancy banner or button just yet, but do have a few listings;
you can visit me over at


I am debating whether or not I can part with this darling dress.. 
It's a sheer off-white eyelet dress with a lace trimmed slip attached underneath; vintage girls dress, ultra soft cotton and in perfect conditon. The wedges and hat both are from Forever21 and the bag is thrifted vintage. 

From the market!

I got to pet this one ^.^

dreaming so sweetly ^.^

 pretty birds ^.^

cute owl fan at Japanese stand

fresh & local fruits and vegetables

kawaii mini umbrellas & hair ribbons ^.^

I hope everyone has been well; I have been a little ill but I will try to be more present.
<3 amber

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BIKE LOVE - Missoni

So! Surely you've heard by now that Missoni, the Italian luxury designer, has created a line exclusively for Target to run through September 13 through October 22.
Here's a lookbook for the entire collection [HERE]
It's been available for nearly 12 hours now, but if you're trying to shop the collection via 
the web, GOODFREAKINGLUCK! I've gotten through a few times, while the rest, I've received a message that they're "suddenly extremely popular"; could it be due to the fact that the priciest item in this 400+ piece collection (a patio furniture set, priced at $599.99) could easily be less than you'd pay for a single pair of Missoni brand shorts or flats? Probably ^.^
While I don't obsess over big designers, not much my lifestyle or vision, there are a few
items I wouldn't mind owning; the tights are adorable, as are the iconic print sweaters, and of course... THE BIKE. 

Yes, they've designed a bike, and I must say I love it. How charming it is! ^_^

I think the color scheme is just fantastic, and the tires, eee! I also am a fan of the matching wire basket and the detail at the chainstay (?) and back tire, I don't know that I've seen that
before. I'm not greatly up to speed on my bicycle anatomy, so forgive any errors and
general lack of knowledge here haha.. one day, one day..
Oh, I mustn't fail to mention that this bike is priced at a super awesome $399.99
Seriously, if I didn't already own a bike that I don't ride enough, I'd be all over this.

P.S. In my pitiful attempt at research, 
I did find this neat typography illustration by Aaron Kuehn I thought I'd share:

I really hope everyone is having a pleasant enough day, I've got some catching up to do!

<3 amber

Saturday, September 10, 2011


(all items thrifted/vintage)
simple outfit, more red, of course.
I really like the rose cutouts on this blouse, and it's a nice linen material.
It's also pretty neat that the buttons go all the way down the back because
this way, you can turn it around and wear it as a vest;
I don't have a ton of money to spend on clothes, so multifunctional is my friend.
+ + +

(all items thrifted/vintage except for necklace - urban outfitters)

This place.. I just don't know what it is offering. 
It has a blog here and website here
but, you see the building.. (yes, those are compact discs stuck on the sign)
and the page is very.. religion-y.
My guess?
It's some cult offering tickets to the stars and eternity, 
and they're going to want you to drink the punch to get on board.

Anyway, its wall made for my background here so I can't hate on it too hard.
I can't remember the last time I've worn a cropped shirt..
A bit iffy with my tummy showing, so I tried to balance that with the high-waisted
shorts and loafers to keep from looking like a hooker. Did it work? You tell me..

Oh! I went to the flea market earlier, I have some photos and things to share but I am much too tired right now, so let my above posts work as a buffer and I will show you things after a good cozy nap.

<3 amber

I'm alive!

I have been slacking here at okaybones, and for this, I apologize. 
I was just about to do a post when I realized... It's Saturday!
This means I can go to the flea market here that is open only on weekends.
I like to look at all the puppies and farm animals and scour through the old vintage jewelry 
from the 80's & 90's. 
There's also a few spots that sell super kawaii things from Asia for the cheap ^.^
I'll surely post later on (maybe even of some finds!?); 

for now, here's a picture of my (very sleepy) dog, Lucy:

 Maybe it's just that 'mothers love', but I think she's the absolute cutest ever.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011


(cardigan - mossimo@target//dress & bag - thrifted vintage//gold sequin flats - @Belk//necklace & ring - F21)

a more presentable version of laid back comfort, just to run errands in and go to the thrift.
 Sparkly sequin shoes make everything more fun, I say. 
 I did spot some cute things at the thrift and made a few purchases.
I'll share those as soon as I get them uploaded~
For now, here's a look at this large bird that landed on the roof of my house.. 
Just playing with camera and editor settings. ^_^

<3 amber