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Saturday, September 3, 2011



(all items ebay/thrifted/gifted/vintage--I know, I'm not much shopping help! >.<)

Even when wearing basics, I like to accessorize it a bit to make it not so 'blah'. 
Pins, brooches, statement jewelry, etc. are a great way to stand out without being too IN YO FACE
when you're going for a more laid-back look. It's also fun to choose a single piece that's bright to liven
things up without screaming in peoples' faces; I used the sandals for this and the brooch to add some more metal to go with the studs on my bag. Even though the top is a sweater and it's quite warm here, this was very comfortable and breezy for my day out. PS what a pretty sunset, no?
I'll try to post more pictures of things NOT my face in the future since that can be tiring, I'm sure!

<3 amber


  1. That blue is gorgeous on you! It really brings out the blue in your tattoo too <3
    I LOVE your shoes, they're super cute!

  2. Thank you! Blue is my other bff in my wardrobe.
    Another one of those colors that just makes itself dominant without my knowing; sneakysneaky!

  3. awesome tattoo aaaarrrrrrrghhhhh!!

    you're purdy :)

  4. great pin. and great tattoo. love your style. you're really stunning!

  5. This outfit is lovely :D really liking that brooch too!

  6. Love your brooche! I'm so into them, my favsie is one that says "world's greatest disco skater" Too awesome!

  7. u look sooo good,and im in love with ur tatoo <3

  8. you are soooo cute!!!! love the fact you have so mant tattos!!! <3