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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BIKE LOVE - Missoni

So! Surely you've heard by now that Missoni, the Italian luxury designer, has created a line exclusively for Target to run through September 13 through October 22.
Here's a lookbook for the entire collection [HERE]
It's been available for nearly 12 hours now, but if you're trying to shop the collection via 
the web, GOODFREAKINGLUCK! I've gotten through a few times, while the rest, I've received a message that they're "suddenly extremely popular"; could it be due to the fact that the priciest item in this 400+ piece collection (a patio furniture set, priced at $599.99) could easily be less than you'd pay for a single pair of Missoni brand shorts or flats? Probably ^.^
While I don't obsess over big designers, not much my lifestyle or vision, there are a few
items I wouldn't mind owning; the tights are adorable, as are the iconic print sweaters, and of course... THE BIKE. 

Yes, they've designed a bike, and I must say I love it. How charming it is! ^_^

I think the color scheme is just fantastic, and the tires, eee! I also am a fan of the matching wire basket and the detail at the chainstay (?) and back tire, I don't know that I've seen that
before. I'm not greatly up to speed on my bicycle anatomy, so forgive any errors and
general lack of knowledge here haha.. one day, one day..
Oh, I mustn't fail to mention that this bike is priced at a super awesome $399.99
Seriously, if I didn't already own a bike that I don't ride enough, I'd be all over this.

P.S. In my pitiful attempt at research, 
I did find this neat typography illustration by Aaron Kuehn I thought I'd share:

I really hope everyone is having a pleasant enough day, I've got some catching up to do!

<3 amber

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  1. Wow that's a really reasonable price! That bike would be robbed in SECONDS in Dublin :(