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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


(all items vintage/thrifted/gifted)

I think only one, mmmaybe two, of my posts don't showcase the color red. I am never aware of my love for it really, but it is very apparent in my closet. I'm a fan of classic shapes, prints,  ect. so this dress and its adornments make me pretty happy. I love rediscovering items that I've owned for years and forgotten about and putting them to new use, like the bag I am carrying above. I remember placing the seemingly odd vintage bag I received years ago as a gift  from my aunt into a closet after thinking  
'What am I to do with this?'
 and there it sat, and sat, and sat.. Until now! I'm glad I kept it.
It's such an adorable classic bag with it's gold button details and boxy shape.
I plan to use it plenty this winter with dresses, tights, and classy coats.
yay for lost (and found) treasures!

<3 amber


  1. Love your bag!!
    I wanted to ask you a question! How many tattoos do you have? Do you have a post with your tattoos? I would love to see them, I am a lover of tattoos, my brother is a tattoo artist! xoxo

  2. Thank you for your interest :) I don't currently have a post showcasing my tattoos, perhaps that could be something for me to do. I have four, technically five but I had one covered.

  3. Hey! It's super easy to change the word for "Comments", if you go to your Design page and you're in "Edit layout" (the view where you can see all the different bits of your page and drag them around to different places) you should have a main column in the middle called "Blog posts". If you click "Edit" in the bottom right corner of the box you can change how your comments display. Hope that makes sense!!! Let me know if not ;)

  4. Such a lovly dress! It's very parisian style chic. I can see why you wear a lot of red, it's a great colour on you.

    Just became a follower xo

  5. You all are angels! and @COSMIA -- Thank you so much!!

  6. That bag really is awesome and classic. It'll be perfect with coats in the winter. Your red dress is cute with those peeptoe heels too.

  7. thank you, I hate the shorter days, but the opportunity for cute coats and tights are something to look forward to :)