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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm alive!

I have been slacking here at okaybones, and for this, I apologize. 
I was just about to do a post when I realized... It's Saturday!
This means I can go to the flea market here that is open only on weekends.
I like to look at all the puppies and farm animals and scour through the old vintage jewelry 
from the 80's & 90's. 
There's also a few spots that sell super kawaii things from Asia for the cheap ^.^
I'll surely post later on (maybe even of some finds!?); 

for now, here's a picture of my (very sleepy) dog, Lucy:

 Maybe it's just that 'mothers love', but I think she's the absolute cutest ever.


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  1. an explosion of comment! *_* thank youu!
    Yes this is a paaper clip! It is pratice to selfmade earrings!!! And not expansive too ahah! No i haven't infection!! that's so cool!
    Yes i have too side shaved, but one is really little, so i say "i have one side of my head which shaved"

    For the drawing :
    I would be delighted if you put the link! :)

    Yes, the drawings that i put front my face are made with pen.

    well well well, thank you very much, again ;)