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Friday, August 19, 2011

BIKE LOVE - an introduction

I love riding my bike. I don't do it enough, really. 
While I am no maniac for Hello Kitty or the color pink, I do own the Hello Kitty Retro Beach Cruiser from Nirve and am so pleased with that purchase.  At around $400, it's affordable enough for such a bicycle while still including some really cute and fun details you'd probably expect for shelling out so much on a new toy :) Very pretty pearlescent pink paint, HK bell, quilted white leather seat with pink HK face & stitching, even the tires will have you treading kitten faces wherever you go with their adorable print! (see photos below)
I've had mine for about two years and this was sold out on the site, along with a few others, but you may be able to shop around and find one. (try

Here's a few photos of the one I own, I'll post some personal ones soon.

I am proper inspired to go ride on ride now!

<3 amber


  1. This one would be perfect for a friend of mine, she's obsessed with Hello Kitty. :D

  2. You're the second blogger I follow who has this bike! It's literally the cutest!

  3. adorable bike!

  4. im inlove with bikes.. i have one that im obsessed with

  5. Thank you! Even though it's sold out on the site, it should be no problem to get one through, that is where I scored mine. I really do love it :)

  6. wow. Hello Kitty bicycle.. love it!!

    im following your blog now. hope you check and follow mine too.

    stay fabulous and spread love!

  7. lovely:D Hello Kitty<333
    and thanks for your comment! :)

  8. That bike is so dope! Pretty sure I rode that when I went to the Hello Kitty anniversary Xhibit in culver city. I cant believe you own one! Lucky girl.

  9. A HK exhibit?! My word. How cutecutecute that must be! >.<