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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Eek! To all five of my followers, I've been a terrible blogger, I know haha..
I've merely started this thing a few months ago, ideas and all, and I've got backlog like you would not believe; it'll be winter and irrelevant before I get it all posted.. though, I'll tell you right now, Alabama sometimes doesn't know what winter is until mid-December, if then. I'll likely be incorporating a bit of warmer wear far past what's "acceptable"/ I'm all about breaking the rules, though ;)

Anyway, this post made it to chictopia & lookbook but I forgot to add it here for more details

(all items vintage except for necklace-Urban Outfitters)
<3 amber


  1. Very cool! The pattern on the dress is amazing!

  2. Thank you~ I was very unsure when I was digging out the cash for it (which wasn't a whole lot, but still) though after I got it home and styled it I totally fell for it.. it's so soft. I say that a lot. I am a sucker for comfort :)

  3. oh my, you're just insanely beautiful! and I love your sense of style, it's so unique ♥

  4. *blush* thank you~
    Since I've started fashion blogging, I have noticed my style being all over the place ^_^