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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


(hat-target//dress, shoes, bag-thrifted)
dress & brogues will be added to my etsy shop soon! :)

I've been hella absent.
How ARE you!?
I had so much time to do everything blog/shop related before..
and then I met my lovely boyfriend..
and the holidays approach..
and gobble gobble gobble goes the world to all my time!

As far as my accent vlog goes/went, a friend said I sound like me.. but like a robot. 
I said that's because saying those words and questions in order like that isn't exactly natural!
I've thought of making another video just rambling so my true colors show.
Anyone have any questions for me? ^____^

I've had a (dormant) tumblr for a while but I'm trying to start posting there, too.
I've got a fat plate, but I'll do my best to gain your interest anyhow.
I don't reblog a whole lot so it's mostly pictures of myself and
photographs of things I was drawn to for one reason or another.
Follow me if you fancy:

PS - send me links to your tumblr, too!

<3 amber


  1. Very cute as always! I'm following you on Tumblr now, yayyyy. Mine is full of Harry Potter and LOTR stuff. Ridiculous.

  2. Awesome skirt! Is it STILL warm where you are??!

  3. clever skirt! I really like your floral dress though. it's so nice and versatile. You can always tuck them in a get a nice t shirt look. You couldn't have picked any better shoes either. love the oxfords.
    you don't post on LB anymore?

  4. The weather here.. it's predictably unpredictable or something like that. One day it's nearly 80 degrees, two days later we're back down in the 30's.

  5. PS I do still post on lookbook, I just took a bit of an unannounced hiatus.. I've posted a few things recently! <3

  6. always fun to draw on the past for fashion inspiration! always circles back, doesn't it? enjoy getting back into the swing of things! xoxo!

  7. Hey, nice blog design! :D Post again soon!

  8. This outfit is SO pretty! I love everything about it; the denim skirt, pretty florals and your quirky look. Your blog is darling, and aren't breaks great? I took one at the end of December/ It was wonderful but I did miss my blog heaps!
    xo Maria

  9. love the outfit, especially your shoes. I wanted to let you know I awarded you with The Versatile Blogger award! It was my first time giving out an award, and I spent a TON of time this week reading blogs and picking the most versatile, deserving bloggers I found. Here's it is : . I enjoy your blog! Have a great day! -Camille {Garden Gnome Arts}