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Saturday, July 30, 2011


(hat-forever21//shirt-express//vest-banana republic//shorts-forever21//all other items thrifted vintage)

I admit.. I used to think denim on denim looked a bit silly.
but here lately it's grown on me, and somehow two denims
are more exciting than one. I would probably stick to two items 
and make sure they are a nice contrast of shades; 
moral of the story?
denim overload or matchy-matchy denim = Denim Dan.


What's your take on the double denim trend?
Is it a no go, the more the merrier, or ground on which to tread lightly?
comments always welcome :)

<3 amber


  1. Denim on denim, I'm still not brave enough!
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    Hope that helps! xx

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  3. Yes, it is indeed a nightmare cosmia..
    thank you SO much for all the tips, just copied all that into a sticky note, I'll be sure to play around with them when it's not over 2am. Must..beat.. insomnia tonight :) xo

  4. also, blog spam? whaaat?

    PS denim on denim is a fun ensemble to sport I found, and I am more than sure you could pull it off! <3 let's see it ~

  5. Eek you got your first spam! Probably a rite of passage :D

  6. hah I even left it there. Trophy spam? xx